Vampire TV series The New Teenage Craze

From Bcontrol

Since the release of Twilight films, vampire TV shows also grew to be in demand. Well before there is Buffy, and then came Angel, True Blood and after this the ever popular Vampire diaries. There might be all kinds of other TV shows that you know of but for me those are the types that became really popular.

Buffy is a typical teenager without any special power. By 15, she was chosen to slay the evil forces, particularly vampires. As the matter calls for her to become strong, she was able to utilize her special skills like clairvoyance, and healing ability. She was then trained and aided by the watchers who selected her to take on the special task. The comedy, drama, supernatural and action variety of this TV Series lasted for six years with a total of 144 episodes.

Because of the millions and millions tv audiences that loved the show Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Angel was developed. The TV series Angel was created by the same firm who gave us Buffy. The story of Angel is pretty fascinating. He is a vampire that committed several complications in the past. And now, he comes back to seek forgiveness. He then took on to stop the various supernatural who want to go after them. When you start enjoying the pilot episode, you would like to finish watching the whole 5 seasongs of the show. This fantasy, action and a tad drama variety will surely leave you wanting more.

True Blood is another sucessful vampire TV series produced by HBO. The main character is Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) who fell deeply in love with a vampire. I just watched this TV Show like 3 or 4 times but I enjoy the idea of the way the community appears to accept the thought of vampire living close to them. I haven’t got the opportunity to watch it again but I will surely catch up since it is still shown in HBO and I won’t miss their fifth season that will be aired next year.

Vampire diaries. Who didn’t know the tale of Elena? She is the typical teenage girl just like Bella of Twilight who fell in love with a vamp, Stefan. Their romance was doing fine, until one day, Stefan’s brother Damon gone to the town to wreck the peaceful city because of revenge. Damon, like his brother also fell for Elena because she is like Katherine Pierce, his former love interest. You will find only 44 episodes of this show. So, it’s not too late to catch up with the trend.

A great deal of teenagers like this type of category as a vampire doesn't age. Even if they're some centuries old, they remain youthful and handsome needless to say. If you also plan to watch any of those TV series, you can check out a variety of websites providing the past episodes. This could be a great TV series marathon for the whole family during a holiday break or the weekend. Now you can inform your teenagers that aside from twilight there are more TV series to enjoy.