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See the Installation Guide if you don't yet have the ExperPort project directory checked out from our repository via CVS.

Starting BControl/ExperPort is simple. You will probably want to create a Matlab shortcut button on the shortcut bar to enter the command sequence.

Common Startup[edit]

In all cases, you will first need to:

  • Open Matlab. :P
  • Change directories in Matlab to the project directory.
    • for example, on our rigs we:
    >> cd c:\ratter\ExperPort

At this point, you have several options:

Starting Dispatcher[edit]

TO START Dispatcher with the standard GUI, enter:

    >> newstartup; dispatcher('init');

Then select a protocol and proceed from there.

For further aid, see documentation for Dispatcher.

TO START RunRats, a simplified frontend for Dispatcher for technicians, instead enter:

    >> newstartup; runrats('init');

Then select an experimenter and animal.

See documentation for RunRats.

Starting RPBox (for old protocols)[edit]

TO START the old system (which employs RPBox) instead, simply type:

    >> beginit;

First-Run Configuration[edit]

When newstartup is run for the first time, a custom settings file is created with basic instructions.

If you only want to run a software virtual behavioral box, you can get away with not changing any settings, but normally you will want to edit Settings/Settings_Custom.conf to:

  • set GENERAL;Main_Code_Directory to the BControl / ExperPort directory
  • set GENERAL;Main_Data_Directory to the directory in which you would like experimental data&settings stored
  • set CVS;CVSROOT_STRING if you have a cvs data repository you would like experimental data&settings relayed to
  • set RIGS;fake_rp_box, state_machine_server, and sound_machine_server if you intend to use a real real-time state machine instead of the software emulator
  • set (or add) values in the DIOLINES group to specify the output names and channels for your experimental setup

Instructions for these (and other settings) are available within the settings files themselves.

Do not make any changes to the Default and Template settings files; values in the Custom settings file will override defaults.

Other Settings Links:

  • Settings File Format - description also available in the file Settings/Settings_Default.conf
  • BControl Settings Interface - instructions for developers on how to retrieve settings from files (also available in the file Modules/Settings.m)