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The Schemas

Unless otherwise noted all schemas use the MyISAM storage engine. This is a non-transactional engine which is built for simplicity and speed. In the future, we may consider migrating to InnoDB or PBXT.


The bdata schema contains data produced by our experiments. It is filled programmatically by the protocols. For behavioral data, the main table of interest is the sessions table. bdata also contains tables for physiology data.

This is the default schema when using the bdata function. This means that tables in bdata can be accessed without specifying a schema.


This schema contains protocol specific tables where each column of that table corresponds to a soloparamhandle of that protocol and each row is a trial from a specific session. This allows trial level searching. There is a function check_sphDB which provides access to the information in this schema.


This schema contains tables that are human edited, such as the schedule, water, mass, surgery, and rat registry. These tables are all accessible via zut!.


This schema contains tables that are accessed through the @tagger plugin. It is user generated data that help us organize the rat generated data.


This schema contains protocol specific tables where each row of a table corresponds to the contents of a data file. As of 2009-05-20 only the SameDifferent protocol is supported.