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PokesPlot is a plugin used to graphically display state, poke, scheduled wave and neural spike information for any instant and to perform basic analysis. PokesPlot2 is an upgrade from the previous version of pokesplot, completely rewritten. It incorporates a number of new features including display of scheduled waves, use of wildcards to retrieve information about multiple states, a window displaying the states/pokes/waves present under the cursor at any given coordinate on the PokesPlot axes, the ability to programmatically align all elements on the pokesplot axes at any desired time, and various fixes concerning the display of all elements on the axes. Pokesplot2 is completely compatible with existing data files and settings files.

Architecture And Working

In order to understand the working of pokesplot2, you might want to become familiar with the [Dispatcher#Variables_instantiated_by_Dispatcher|parsed_events], [Dispatcher#Variables_instantiated_by_Dispatcher|latest_parsed_events], and [Dispatcher#Variables_instantiated_by_Dispatcher|parsed_events_history] variables.


Typical Usage

PokesPlotSection Figure Window

PokesPlot Preferences Pane


Plugin Files

Known Bugs