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% The following code runs stand-alone (assuming newstartup.m has been run).

% Now let's make an object that is of the @water class. Normally,
% this would be your protocol object, and you would inherit @water;
% (e.g., "obj = class(struct, 'myprotocol', water)". 
% But here, we're just exemplifying @water, so we won't use a 
% protocol. The simplest object that is also a @water is @water 
% itself:
gu = water

% Now let's initialize it, with the lower left hand corner of its
% GUI components (10, 10) pixels from the lower left hand corner of
% the current figure:
WaterValvesSection(gu, 'init', 10, 10)

% We are assuming that the current rig's water calibration table 
% (which is managed separately; @water is just for *using* the water 
% calibration table, not for managing it) has entries for 24 uL on 
% both right and left valves. Then we can command-line ask for quantities 
% nearby. Note how the times display is automatically updated.
WaterValvesSection(gu, 'set_water_amounts', 25, 23)

% You can also edit the desired amounts by hand, ont he GUI, of course.

% If you want to read the dispense times values into your program, not
% through the GUI, use this call:
[Lt, Rt] = WaterValvesSection(gu, 'get_water_times')