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Click here for some simple example code using the @water plugin.

From the Matlab help file, "help @water/WaterValvesSection"

% [x, y] = WaterValveSection(obj, action, x, y)
% This plugin uses the water calibration table (constructed using
% @WaterCalibrationTable) to automatically translate from a desired water
% delivery amount into a time for which the water valve should be left
% open.
% GUI DISPLAY: Puts up two numerical editable fields, Left microliters and
% Right microliters, where the user can insert the desired dispense amount.
% To the right of these will be two display fields showing the
% corresponding times for which the valves should be left open. A title
% will be above all these GUI fields. If the GUIs for the desired amounts
% are edited by a user, (or changed by loading Solo settings), the dispense
% times will be automatically recalculated.
% Note that @WaterCalibrationTable figures out dispense times for amounts
% that are within 15% of the calibrated data points that it has; and that
% calibrations have finite lifetimes. If asking for a value that is beyond
% the known range of the calibration table, or the calibration table is out
% of date, a warning window will go up, dispense times will acquire a red
% background, and dispense times will go to a default value of 0.01 (i.e.,
% essentially nothing.) If your dispense times have a red background, that
% means "recalibrate your table before using them" !!
% -----------------------
% obj      Default object argument.
% action   One of:
%   'init' x y 
%            Initializes the plugin and sets up the GUI for it. Requires
%            two extra arguments, which will be the (x, y) coords, in
%            pixels, of the lower left hand corner of where this plugin's
%            GUI elements will start to be displayed in the current figure.
%            Returns [x, y], the position of the top left hand corner of
%            the plugin's GUI elements after they have been added to the
%            current figure.
%   'set_water_amounts'  l_uL r_uL
%            Requires two extra arguments; sets the GUI parameter for left
%            volume to the first of these, l_uL, and sets the GUI
%            parameter for right volume to the second, r_uL; then
%            recalculates the appropriate water dispense times. This action
%            is provided here to allow a command-line way of changing the
%            GUIs for left and right volume; the user can also change them
%            by hand, directly in the GUI.
%   'get_water_times' 
%            Returns two values, LeftTime, and RightTime, which are the
%            water valve opening times that were calculated to correspond
%            to the GUI dispense amounts.
%   'calculate'
%            Force a recalculation of water dispanse times. This call
%            should normally never be needed by the user, since both
%            command line and GUI modes of changing desired dispense times
%            automaticaly force the recalculation.
%   'reinit' Delete all of this section's GUIs and data, and reinit, at the
%            same position on the same figure as the original section GUI
%            was placed.