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@soundui - SoundInterface

This plugin lets you call a single command:


This will create the following SoloUIParams starting at position x,y

  1. mysoundStyle : menu:{'Tone', 'Bups', 'ToneSweep','BupsSweep','File'}
  2. mysoundVol
  3. mySoundBal
  4. mysoundFreq1
  5. mysoundFreq2
  6. mysoundDur1
  7. mysoundDur2
  8. mysoundTau
  9. mysoundGap
  • Added a Play button, so that you can listen to your sounds as you change the settings!
  • Elements are enabled and disabled as appropriate for their Style.
  • Checks sounds manager to see if sound has actually changed before uploading new sounds. This prevents overhead from accidental callbacks from user navigation (mouse clicks, tabs).
  • Changes to any of the elements will automatically generate the new sound and make the appropriate call to the SoundManagerSection.
  • Future development will pretty up the interface, and add new sound styles, like Chords, Clicks.

Jerlich 07:53, 18 July 2007 (EDT)