From Bcontrol

From the help in Plugins/@saveload/SavingSection.m:

% [x, y] = SavingSection(obj, action, x, y)
% Section that takes care of saving/loading data and settings.
% -----------
% obj      Default object argument.
% action   One of:
%            'init'      To initialise the section and set up the GUI
%                        for it
%            'reinit'    Delete all of this section's GUIs and data,
%                        and reinit, at the same position on the same
%                        figure as the original section GUI was placed.
%            'savesets'  Save GUI settings only to a file
%            'loadsets'  Load GUI settings from a file
%            'savedata'  Save all SoloParamHandles to a file. 
%                           Also deletes previous _ASV.mat files from same
%                        protocol, experimenter, ratname, date. (They are
%                        presumably now unnecessary.)  Does not erase any
%                        other _ASV.mat files.
%            'autosave_data'    Every autosave_frequency calls with this
%                        action string, save a data file with _ASV.mat suffix, 
%                        no commit, non-interactive. autosave_frequency is
%                        20 by default; it can be changed by a call with 
%                        'set_autosave_frequency' as its action.
%                           Typically, you might do an 'autosave_data' call
%                        after every trial, and that way every
%                        autosave_frequency trials, the data gets saved.
%                           If a regular 'savedata' with the same filename
%                        is completed, the _ASV.mat file is deemed
%                        unnecessary and is deleted.
%            'set_autosave_frequency'  n      Requires one more extra
%                        parameter, n, a scalar positive integer. Ssts
%                        autosave_frequency to n.
%            'get_autosave_frequency'   Returns the current value of
%                        autosave_frequency.
%            'loaddata'  Load all SoloParamHandles from a file
%			       'get_info'  Returns the experimenter, rat name, and date
%                          when this data was saved (yymmdd string). Date
%                          string is '.' if this data was saved before date
%                          information started being stored.
% x, y     Only relevant to action = 'init'; they indicate the initial
%          position to place the GUI at, in the current figure window
% --------
% [x,y,z]  When action == 'init', returns x and y, pixel positions on
%          the current figure, updated after placing of this section's GUI.
%          When action == 'get_info', returns experimenter, rat name, and
%            date when this data was saved (string yymmdd).