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This page will (eventually) tell you how to set up a plugin. Right now, it contains ad-hoc comments.

What are Plugins and when would I use them?

A plugin is a piece of code that provides generic functionality useful to a host of training protocols. Examples are:

  • Graphically seeing state progression and interaction with pokes on a trial-by-trial basis (like the graph on the top-left side of this page).
  • Play sounds on a virtual state machine (useful when debugging your code on a laptop, as opposed to on a behaviour box)
  • Automating training sessions so that Solo changes parameter values based on animal performance, removing the need for manual intervention.

What Plugins are available?

  • saveload: Load/Save settings/data
  • water: Water Valve Calibrator and look-up table for dispense times
  • sessionmodel: Session Automation
  • soundmanager: (SP: not sure what this does) Allows playing of sound on virtual setups?

How to start using a Plugin

  1. In the constructor of your protocol, inherit from all the plugins you want to use