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Welcome to the documentation wiki for the BControl Behavioral Control System!

Downloading the code can be done from the Installation Guide here.

Structure of the BControl System

Getting Started with BControl

BControl Development

Major, immediate, TODOs (The proper place to track development is here.)

  • Incorporate AnalogOut and OlfactoryServer into the State Machine Assembler.
  • Incorporate AnalogOut and OlfactoryServer into the current RTLSM emulator (@SoftSMMarkII)
  • Calin is writing a new improved emulator that will also handle embedded c-code
  • Structure Protocol directories so that different labs and different users have different directories. Structure data directories the same. Default lab could be set in config file.
  • Make sure Dispatcher/disassembler is aware of the timestamps from NSpike (from the clock card in the RTLinux box).

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