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Welcome to the documentation wiki for the BControl Behavioral Control System!

Downloading the code can be done from the Installation Guide here.

NOTE: This site was vandalized. We are in the process of cleaning up, but please be wary of download links

Structure of the BControl System[edit]

Getting Started with BControl[edit]

BControl Development[edit]

Major, immediate, TODOs (The proper place to track development is here.)

  • Incorporate AnalogOut and OlfactoryServer into the State Machine Assembler.
  • Incorporate AnalogOut and OlfactoryServer into the current RTLSM emulator (@SoftSMMarkII)
  • Calin is writing a new improved emulator that will also handle embedded c-code
  • Structure Protocol directories so that different labs and different users have different directories. Structure data directories the same. Default lab could be set in config file.
  • Make sure Dispatcher/disassembler is aware of the timestamps from NSpike (from the clock card in the RTLinux box).

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