Improved Dispatcher Update Timer

From Bcontrol

The setting [GENERAL; use_timers; 2] will cause Dispatcher's core update loop to use a modified timer instead of a command-line-blocking while loop.

With this set, you can use the command window while Dispatcher is running. This is advised.

A slightly modified timer class from MATLAB 2006b has been included in the BControl directory Utility/provisional.

This directory is only added to the path when the setting [GENERAL; use_timers] is set to 2.

When it is on the path, it replaces MATLAB's own timer class.

This corrects the problem with timers that originally caused Brody Lab to abandon them: debugging interference.

Debugging now reveals the appropriate full path even when code is run from a timer, and it is now also possible to execute the timer error function for error-handling measures (such as automatically emailing the experimenter, sending data to an sql server, or saving data locally / to a cvs server) after execution resumes.