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bdata is a wrapper for mym

There are three usages of bdata:

returns the current connection id.
bdata , by default connects to the mysql database with select, show, insert, explain but NOT update or delete priviliges.
sessid=bdata('select sessid from sessions where hostname like "%15"')
bdata('select * from sessions limit 10')
[rat, avg_hits]=bdata('select ratname, avg(percent_correct) from sessions group by ratname')
bdata('select * from sessions where sessid="{S}"',19881)

This third use, is the most common. I highly recommend reading the documentation for mym and for the select syntax.

Commands to get you started:

bdata('show tables')
shows all the tables available to search in bdata
bdata('explain <tablename>')
explain tells you about the table, e.g. column names and types.