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This article describes a part of the BControl system not yet implemented. Please comment to leave suggestions and requests. What is represented here is a suggestion.

Preferences files[edit]

( in the main code directory (e.g. .../ExperPort/) )


- all BControl systems everywhere
- part of the CVS tree


- specific to one lab or even one rig
- NOT part of the CVS tree


- a sample custom file; simply rename this to LabPreferences_Custom and change preferences as desired
- part of the CVS tree

Preferences entries[edit]

( in any/all files; default values in bold )

Solo_datadir (string)

- the directory from which animal data and settings are saved and loaded
- '[pwd filesep '..' filesep 'SoloData']' is the default, referring to a sister directory of the main code directory (e.g. .../ExperPort/)

Rig_Hostname__Prefix (string)

- 'bcontrolrig' is the default

Rig_Hostname__Realtime_Suffix (string)

- 'rt' is the default (rt: real-time linux)

Rig_Hostname__Experimental_Suffix (string)

- 'xp' is the default

Realtime_System_Type (int)

- 3: the default, for the Modules/SoftSMMarkII virtual machine
- 0: Use the TDT RM1 boxes
- 1: Use FakeRP/@lunghao1 and FakeRP/@lunghao2 objects as virtual machines
- 2: Use the RT Linux state machine
- 4: Use the Modules/@softsm and Modules/@softsound objects as virtual machines. @softsm has no scheduled waves.

DIO_ID_Center_Water (int)

- default does not exist

DIO_ID_Left_1Water (int)

- 1

DIO_ID_Right_1Water (int)

- 2

DIO_ID_Left_2Water (int)

- default does not exist

DIO_ID_Right_2Water (int)

- default does not exist

DIO_ID_Center_LED (int)

- 8

DIO_ID_Left_LED (int)

- 4

DIO_ID_Right_LED (int)

- 16

softsound_play_sounds (bool)

- ONLY relevant when NOT using the RT Linux sound server. When using the virtual sound machine this variable determines whether sounds are played or not. Sometimes sounds are not played with the precise timing of the RT Linux server; turning them off permits examining the timing of states in better detail. 
- 1, the default, plays sounds as normal
- 0 will prevent sounds from playing on the virtual sound machine.(typo)

Video_Recording (int)

- 0 for no video recording at start of experiment (after RUN press)
- 1 for video recording when the RUN button is pressed; see Video_Recording_Script

Video_Recording_Script (string)

- specifies a script file kept in the main code directory to run to start free video recording. This script will be run on the first time the RUN button is pressed after protocol load, not running again until the protocol is reloaded before the RUN button is pressed again. For now, pausing, restarting, stopping, etc. is not supported (and will have to be done manually.)
- 'video_start.bat' is the default