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Princeton, Sat Jul 19 - Tue Jul 22  
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Poster Presenter Instructions

Poster boards measure 4 feet wide and 3 feet tall. The poster session will be from 5:30pm to 10:30pm on Monday the 21st in the Carl Icahn Atrium. Posters should be setup between 5:30 and 6pm. From 6pm to 8pm you are free for dinner. We ask that all presenters be back from dinner no later than 8pm when the official poster session will begin. Poster locations will be assigned in the conference program that will be handed out.

Talk Instructions

Talk durations can be found in the conference program. Please leave 3 to 5 minutes for questions at the end of your talk. For example, if you are listed on the program as giving a 20 minute talk you should plan to end your talk at 15-17 minutes. Obviously, if you are only doing a poster preview there is no need to leave time for questions.

We strongly advise that everyone bring their presentation on a USB memory stick. We will be providing a computer at the podium. If you really need to use your own computer (embedded sounds or video) and it is a PC, it should work fine, however we cannot guarantee that your presentation will work if you need to use your own Mac (strange as that may seem). We have been told there were problems in the past with this projector.

Each session will be chaired by a student or postdoc from Princeton. They are trained on the A/V system in the lecture hall. Please see them before the start of each session to get your presentation up. We may be recording talks.

Wireless internet access via the open network puvisitor is available all over campus.

For All Presenters

As an effort to promote awareness and interest to the public, The Swartz Foundation will be requesting a copy of your presentation for website posting. Please omit any information that you do not wish to be made accessible to the public. We appreciate your contribution to the scientific community.
If you have your presentation ready for posting, please email the .pdf to (Jerry Swartz's email graphic), upload it to theswartzfoundation.org/updform.asp, or have it ready for collection at the conference (e.g. by flash drive). Thank you.