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Princeton, Sat Jul 19 - Tue Jul 22  
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The 2008 Sloan-Swartz Meeting will be held at Princeton University from Saturday evening, July 19th, until Tuesday, July 22nd, at 7PM.

A map with all locations relevant to the meeting will be available soon. For now, please refer to the interactive campus map or printable map.

An arrival guide is now available with post-arrival instructions for all guests.


Air: The closest airport to the University is Newark International Airport (EWR). From the airport terminals, follow signs to the Airtrain, which will shuttle you to the rail station, where NJTransit service is available to the Princeton Junction station and, via small connecting shuttle train or taxi, Princeton itself. (Trains will be Trenton-bound on the Northeast Corridor line from the airport train station.) Those staying at the Nassau Inn might do best to buy tickets to Princeton Junction and take a taxi from the Princeton Junction station directly to the Nassau Inn (~$15). Alternatively, and for those staying at Scully Hall, tickets can be purchased to Princeton instead, and you will connect at Princeton Junction to the small shuttle train (nicknamed the "Dinky") to the university.

Train: Amtrak and NJTransit both offer service to Princeton Junction, and NJTransit offers a small shuttle train from the Princeton Junction station to the university itself. See notes above.

Car: Driving Directions to Princeton University. Parking will be at Lot 21 for those staying at Scully Hall (Contact Rebecca at (Rebecca's email graphic) to request a university parking pass in this case.) and at a parking garage in Palmer Square for those staying at the Nassau Inn. A map will be available soon. Signs will be posted on Washington Street to lead down to the Lewis Thomas Laboratory where talks are held. We'll give you your parking passes when you arrive at the reception; meanwhile, you should be fine to park in Lot 21, as it will be a Saturday.

Some additional information on transportation is available at Getting to Campus.

Event Locations: See the program summary




Randy Gallistel (Rutgers)
Asif Ghazanfar (Princeton)
Peter Robinson (Sydney)
Eve Marder (Brandeis)
Leslie Vosshall (Rockefeller)