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Princeton, Sat Jul 19 - Tue Jul 22  
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Notice: Please inform us of any dietary restrictions (e.g. vegetarian, allergic to xyz...) in your registration.


We are booking rooms for all attendees.

* Faculty and members of the Sloan and Swartz Foundations will stay at the Nassau Inn, just next to campus.

* Students and post-docs will stay in Scully Hall, which is right next to Lewis Thomas Lab, where talks will be held. (Interactive Campus Map) The following are provided for you in the dorms: sheets, towels, blankets, pillows, and pillow cases. Hangers and toiletries such as toothpaste and shampoo are not provided, so bring your own.

Rooms will be booked for arrival on Saturday and departure Wednesday morning. If you are planning different departure/arrival dates, please be sure to select the appropriate dates in your registration. For further housing information, please contact Charles Kopec at:(Charles's email graphic)

For locations of events, see Location and Travel.


Breakfast and lunch will provided Sunday through Tuesday, and a Sunday evening banquet will be hosted in the Prospect House banquet room.


For those who are driving: parking passes are available for Lot 21 for those staying at Scully Hall (Contact Rebecca at (Rebecca's email graphic).) and at a parking garage in Palmer Square by the Nassau Inn for those staying there. Click for the map. We'll give you your parking passes when you arrive at the reception; meanwhile, you should be fine to park in Lot 21, as it will be a Saturday.



Randy Gallistel (Rutgers)
Asif Ghazanfar (Princeton)
Peter Robinson (Sydney)
Eve Marder (Brandeis)
Leslie Vosshall (Rockefeller)